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Creating A Swagger API Definition For Federal Executive Agency Domain API

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I want the Federal Executive Agency Domain API from the GSA to be included in the search engine. To do this, I need to create an APIs.json file, and host it in the root of the domain--which I do not have access to. ;-( While I cannot put an APIs.json in the root of the domain, I can create one, and host it myself. So I created this Github repository, to act as a holder for the domain. I will be putting everything that "should be available" in the Federal Executive Agency Domain API from the GSA. more.

Add An APIs.json For Explore.Data.Gov

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After creating a machine readable API definition using Swagger for, I now want to nwo create an APIs.json file, which will act as directory of the APIs available at  Of course, this isn't the real domain, but if the GSA wants, they can take the APIs.json, and any API definitions, and migrate to their own servers That is one of the goals of this project: Play with the APIs.json format Make GSA APIs available to Get the attention of GSA so they will a) Copy APIs.json b)Copy the Swagger API definitions, and publish them both at ( more.